Top 10 Most Breathtaking Colossal Statues in the World


Colossal statues are statues at least three times as big as the original object which served as its inspiration. At their best, these statues are absolute masterpieces of craftsmanship and construction. Our most spectacular modern colossal statues are usually carved into mountains and rock cliffs, making it one of the most durable art forms around. Also known as “living rocks,” these magnificent sculptures are an enduring tribute to mankind’s capacity to create beauty from nature’s humble surfaces…

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Top 10 Obscure Facts about Africa Everybody Needs to Know


Africa’s 19th richest man, Jim Ovia concluded in a recent interview that a man’s wealth means nothing – it’s what he does with it that is truly important. A walking paradox to many people’s notion of what an African is, Ovia is a sophisticated cosmopolitan, a polished and worldly gentleman. The sadly-surprising subject of African billionaires shines light on how there are a multitude of other misrepresented facts on Africa that needs sharing as well. Some of the most sensitive topics regarding Africa and her history have been unnaturally twisted to suit the propaganda and ramblings of Afrocentrics, shady politicians, and complete racists. The fact of the matter is that … (read more)

10 Astonishing Ancient Subterranean Structures


The buildings and structures left behind from ages past have astounded history buffs for centuries. From the Parthenon to the Great Pyramid, there never seems to be an end to the multitude of information we can gain from them. But often, that which can be observed above the ground pales in comparison to the extraordinary finds that have been discovered underneath our feet. Whether it be ancient reservoirs, theaters, temples, or disguised strongholds, these monumental subterranean structures serve as a continuing legacy of the ancient world’s remarkable ingenuity…. (Read More)



Ten shocking facts on Marine Debris

Ten shocking facts on Marine Debris

Roughly 3.5 billion years ago, life on the blue planet began in the seas. Apart from being home to the earth’s tallest mountains, tallest waterfalls (yes, that is correct – tallest waterfalls) and almost 80% of all life on earth, our oceans generate 50% of the earth’s oxygen and it contributes to the sustenance and subsistence of millions of people. For all its resources and the fact that we are almost wholly dependent on it, one would think that we would take better care of it. Unfortunately it would seem that flippant ignorance and a general refusal to accept responsibility forms part of the human condition.

Top 10 World Records Made Possible By Tragedy and Disaster

From the blatantly bizarre and degenerate to the awe-inspiring, some of us go to extremes in our quest to break world records. Unfortunately, not all records are of the variety that we aspire to. The individuals on this list are all holders of tragic and sordid records that can only be gained through deplorable bad luck, foolhardiness, or simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


10. Longest Survival with an External Heart
Christopher Wall was born in 1975 with a very rare birth defect called ectopia cordis, which causes the fetus’s heart to form outside the chest cavity while in utero. The condition has a very high fatality rate, with most patients ……..READ MORE